Tantrel Records


Welcome to Tantrel Records

Based in Edinburgh, we buy LP records and collections throughout Scotland and the UK. Please click on a link above to see examples of the types of LP we are looking for. The LP's should be in excellent condition (both the sleeve and the record). 

Occasionally, we buy 7"/45rpm singles collections (especially 70's Punk/Indie or 60's Soul/Ska/Bluebeat). Again, the records must be in excellent condition

If you have an LP or 7" record collection you would like to sell, please get in touch. Our details can be found by clicking the Contact link.

Alternatively, if you have a digital camera, you could take photos of the LP cover spines/edges and email the photos to us - it's much quicker than making a list. Please make sure that the picture is clear, in focus and that the whole spine is visible.
LP Spines

We are also interested in buying: -
Music Memorabilia such as concert programmes, used concert tickets, badges and other similar items from the 60's/70's/80's.

Please click on a link above to see examples of the types of LP we are looking for

Please Note

We do not buy the following types of item: -

Easy Listening
Country & Western
Trad/Dixieland Jazz
Big band Jazz (Basie,Artie Shaw, Lester Young, Benny Goodman etc.)
Compilations (i.e. Best Of's, Greatest Hits)
Scottish music (Jimmy Shand, Alexander Brothers etc.)
Classical box sets, Musicals
Readers Digest records
90's/00's Dance/Techno etc.
78rpm records
However, if you are in any doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us.